FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our “Properties for Rent” section is updated as rental become available.
In Bend we rent homes in Northwest Crossing and Awbrey Village. In Redmond we rent homes in Canyon Rim Village.
We are not accepting any new owners at this time.
Rent is always due on the first of the month. If you are going to be late with your rent, please call us ahead to make payment arrangements.
You can mail rent to 532 SW 13th St. Ste 200, Bend, OR 97702 or you can drop it off in our drop box near the front door of the same address. Additionally, you can have your bank send a check via their bill-pay option.
We accept checks only.
We do not accept pets in any of our rentals.
You can log into our online work order system at http://www.internetdriven.com/r/sva/login.lpa. If you need your username and/or password, please e-mail or call us. You can also call or e-mail our office with any service requests.
You can log into our online work order system and submit a service request. http://www.internetdriven.com/r/sva/login.lpa If you need your log in information and password, please contact our office.
First, try calling Pacific Power. 888-221-7070 There may be a reason the power is out in your neighborhood. If this does not remedy the situation or you cannot find a reason – call us and we can help.
Sometimes. If you are wondering who is responsible for your yard maintenance check your lease and if you still can’t find the answer, give us a call.
Every Spring and Fall we do walk thru’s of each of our rental units. This gives a chance to change batteries on smoke & CO detectors as well as take care of any general maintenance items that need attention. We also change out furnace filters, open or close foundation vents as needed depending on the season and adjust the irrigation timers as needed.

You do not need to be home during these walk thru’s, (We always give you minimum 24 hours’ notice) but we always welcome a chance to see you in person and hear if there are any issues that need taking care of while we are there.

We require a written 30 day notice of any intention to move out at the end of a lease. If your lease is ending and you would like to move out on the last day of the lease, please be sure to give us notice 30 days in advance of this.
If you are interested in renewing your lease, please call our office 541-598-3090. If you plan to move out, we require 30 day notice in writing.
Please go to the NWX website to check for current happenings! http://www.northwestcrossing.com/amenities_events/
At the time of move in we provide you with a list of utilities and how they are handled. If you have any question about your home and which utilities you are responsible for, please refer to your initial rental packet or call our office with questions.